• 27-member board
  • Consists of representatives from lending institutions, community organizations, private businesses and governmental officials
  • Meets at least annually for the Dakota BUSINESS Finance Annual Meeting
  • Responsible for:
    • Appointing new Members
    • Appointing Members to serve on the Board of Directors
    • Reviewing policy changes
    • Assisting in marketing Dakota Business Finance and the SBA 504 program


Boote, Steve (Sioux Falls)
Browning, Pam (Huron)
Carnes, Steve (Brookings)
Dziedzic, Dean (Sioux Falls)
Fonkert, Jesse (Hartford)
Gruhn, Debby (Sioux Falls)
Gullickson, Scott (Sioux Falls)
Johnson, Thomas (Sioux Falls)
Keizer, Jeremy (Sioux Falls)
Koepsell, Loren (Sioux Falls)
Kooiman, Heath (Sioux Falls)
Kost, Tanner (Ft. Pierre)
Martin, Rick (Sioux Falls)
Mundt, Bob (Sioux Falls)
Nilges, Andrew (North Sioux City)
Ohme, Derek (Sioux Falls)
Paulson, Michael (Sioux Falls)
Quasney, Jake (Sioux Falls)
Rustand, Tim (Sioux Falls)
Schelske, Rob (Mitchell)
Simons, Steve (Rock Rapids, IA)
Solomon, Barry (Sioux Falls)
Speer, TJ (Sioux Center, IA)
Tysdal, Ryan (Sioux Falls)
Vaux, Mark (Mitchell)
Vilhauer, Jared (Sioux Falls)
Wagner, Chris (Sioux Falls)